BMPRO BatteryCharge7.5

7.5 Amp 12v and 24V battery charger

– 10 charging phases
– Suitable for Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium
– Includes LITHIUM (LiFePO4) charging profile
– Clamps and ring terminals
– LCD Screen readout





Most suited to smaller battery systems less than 200Ah (12V AGM) and Bushman 12V fridges from 15L up to 65 litres.

You can keep your battery charger connected when 240V is available and the BMPRO 7.5A will charge and maintain your battery for you.

The BMPro BatteryCharge7.5 will service your car, caravan, 4X4, RV, truck or boat battery, or keep it handy as a backup to your main charger. The charger has protective circuits to prevent sparking and overheating. It also features a large LCD display with let you know the charge progress of your battery.

With a heavy duty steel body all inside components are protected.