BMPRO BatteryCharge25

240V to 12V Battery Charger – 25A

– Made in Australia
– 7 STAGE – Micro Digital Processor
– Suitable for charging Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium
– Includes LITHIUM (LiFePO4) charging profile
– Adjustable Amp output
– Suits batteries 80-800Ah
– Rugged casing
– Power Supply Mode





Australia’s best 12V / 25 amp battery charger – made in Australia by BMPro.

This powerful unit is designed for larger battery banks in caravans and RV’s. Match this charger to any 12 volt Bushman fridge over 150 litres in volume.

When 240V power is available, you can keep your battery charger connected permanently and the BMPRO BatteryCharge 25 will maintain your batteries while you run your 12V accessories direct from the battery. More information on this setup is available here in our 240V to 12V setup guide.

You can use this 12 V battery charger for lead acid batteries; such as AGM, gel, calcium, or wet, as well as LiFePO4 lithium. You can also use the charger to recondition lead acid batteries and to revive drained lithium batteries.