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Calibrating the battery capacity in YOUR Victron Smart Shunt based system… EASY steps with NO other equipment needed…

In our going down the rabbit hole dissection of the settings of this equipment, we stumbled across a way that anyone who is using a Victron Smart Shunt, can do a proper calibration of the ACTUAL USABLE CAPACITY of their battery. There’s no need for special test equipment, and it doesn’t need any expertise (not much anyway). You only need BT connection to your shunt to do this, and it works on ANY battery, not only PowerPaul Australia batteries. It even takes into account the offsets/limitations for those who want to conservatively charge their batteries without getting them to full voltage… Neat! ????
Here’s how…
1. Fully charge your battery, it doesn’t matter how, just ensure it’s as charged as you consider full.
2. Ensure the Shunt SOC is indicating 100%.
3. Ensure the Shunt “Discharge Floor” is set to 0%.
4. Ensure the Shunt “Battery SOC on reset” is set to Keep SOC.
5. Discharge your battery until the BMS shuts down, or to the point that you want to consider it flat, like when your inverter stops working or when low voltage alarms trigger.
6. Log into the Shunt and check the SOC, remember this number.
7. Change the “Discharge Floor” to the figure that was shown in the SOC.
8. Recharge your battery and the next discharge should be accurate according to the actual current battery capacity.
9. Go on with life as usual.
This can be performed as often as you like. But realistically it won’t change rapidly.
I’m keen to hear peoples results if they do this

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